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18 Sept to 24 Sept 2014

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25 Sept to 02 Oct 2014

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09 Oct to 16 Oct 2014
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Goshala Shri Brij Kamad Surbhi Van SodH Sansthan

Shri Brij Kamad Surabhi Van aur Shodh Sansthan “Shri Jadkhor Godham”, Goshala is established under the Aegis of Maluk Pithadhishvar Swami Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj and great saints, the construction of which is going on speedily. The main aim of this “Surabhi Van”, Cow Shelter ( Gaushala ) is the conservation and maintenance of the cow breed of “Brij”.

Shri Brij Kamad Surbhi Van Seva Sansthan has been established just 135 k.m. away from Delhi, in the area of “Shri Kamaa” which was sanctified by the above mentioned saints under the aegis of “Shri Brij Chaurasi” where lie thousands of square meter forests and mountains. It is the belief of the great saints that this was the same area where “Nand Baba” and “Thakurji” did cattle ranging with the cow herd and other friends.

“Shri Brij Chaurasi”, the playfield of Lord Shri Krishna, which used to have cow breed in crores, has in comparison been reduced to just 2 to 3 lakhs. The scale at which the cow race (Gau-Vansh) is being slaughtered and disregarded, that day is not far away when the cow race would be a rare sight.

Today, the worst state is that of the calves. The farmers do the farming with the help of tractors and there is no place left for the calves. Therefore, as per the instructions of the Animal Welfare Board, the institute is striving for the re-utilization of bullocks in the work of agriculture and the production of corn through biological farming using the cow dung fertilizers and cow urine on a large scale. This will not only protect us from incurable diseases but also suppress our unbalanced morals and establish old morals.